December Mission Trip (Part 1)

Part of road to Mekarsari village 

My mission trip began this December in North Lampung at Mekarsari village. I took a DAMRI bus from Gambir to Unit II and changed with village bus to go to Mekarsari. I really love this village with all poeple there. They are very kind poeple and love poeple. The first time I went to this place was 7 years ago, when I was still in university. 

The building used by Mekarsari Bethel Church

Pastor Istiwati is the leader of one of the church that I visited and stayed in her house. She is a humble leader of the Mekarsari Bethel Church, with 50-60 members. An amazing moment that we had together there, when each other of us shared about what God has done in our lives since the last time we met at June 2016.

With Ps. Istiwati eating chiken Soto after a service

God also give me the chance to serve and visit some charismatic church in this area. And to preaching about salvation from Jesus, hope and sin. In every moment I am preaching, I saw Him work and touch poeple’s hearts. I saw some of them craying and some of them came to me and said they feel life again when they heard God words. 

A family that invite me to pray for their daugter’s birthday.

I really enjoyed my six days there, meeting some pastors and hearing about their life stories: how they have struggled in their ministry and had experience of miracles from God. God also gave me opportunity to pray for some families and youth personally. 

Poeple there having a traditional dinner together after service

On 17th December 2017 I took flew from Lampung to Jakarta to continue my mission trip in West Kalimantan. 

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