Ndeso Trip to Singapore 

I dont know how to read MRT line, so I'm trying to have some experience by using MRT.

                  Wonderful Experience

7th Januari 2018, God give me time to go to Singapore. This is the first time for using my paspor after I got it in 3 years ago😜. For me, this is a miracle trip. Because why? did not have a planning to go there. But for a reason attended a mission night, I go ther


In all my entire life, I never using MRT because in Indonesia no yet have the transportation. Actually after I am coming back from Singapore, Our President just already announce officially MRT in Jakarta. So something crazy happened at the time when I’m trying to using MRT in Singapore.

I arrived at Changi Airport terminal 1, and I have choice to using bus or MRT to go to my hostel. Because I said to my friend, “please do not pick up me, because I want to trying go to the address by my self”. And my friend worry about it, because She’s know this is my first time in Singapore.

So, I decided to using MRT. And I must be go to terminal 2 for buy the ezlink card. But the problem is, how to go to terminal 2 from terminal 1?. Because eventhough I have ask some poeple and open goegle I’m still dont understand how to go😜.

But in the midle of my confious time, I meet with one lady who is a tour guide (it is God grace). She gave me a lot of information about how to go to Kallang (name of place) by MRT.

But, I said to Her “thanks for all information for me, but now that I need is you going with me to terminal 2 and after that you help me to buy the ezlink card and than you can leave me😊” and She smile and said “okey”. So, I stand behind Her and just see, if She walk, I walk and if She stop, I stop until we arrived at terminal 2.

The trip is really began in Singapore, I am trying to using MRT. Still have problem here, because I dont understand how to read the Line of MRT (I mean, how to read the green line, the red line, the yellow line and the blue line)🙈. But, I have a ton of confidence that I can do this!!!. So, what happend?

MRT in the morning

I using MRT to Tanah Merah, and than I off from the train, still using green line and go to Pasir Ris station, I go down and walk out and have sight seing around MRT station. And than, I come down and trying again using MRT. This time I read the map of MRT, and I see have Bugis station. And I says “yah, I want to go there” so I go there and do the same things that I do in Pasir Ris station, and this is really stupid I do 😆. And come down again and trying another line, the blue one and go to Rochor station, and than to Bukit Panjang and from here my stupities gone and now I understand how to read the MRT line, so I am ready to make story in Singapore.


My first day, I spent to go to St. Andrew Church: I am pray here+read bible and write something short in my diary. And go to National Galery Singapore, Raffles Statue, and closing my day in Bugis street with meet my friend there, shoping and dinner together.


The second day, I completed my beautiful day in Singapore with walking in Helix Bridge, the shoppest at Marina Bay Sands, Art Sains Museum, Gardens By The Bay to have experience walking at OCBC Sky Way, Merlion Park, Esplanade and closing my day with enjoy Japanese food in Orchad street.

Me at sky way

My last day, I enjoyed at the Cathedral Cafe with live music gospel, heard they’re mission percentation. I have personal qiute time here, pray and make sure my persentation for the evening service at River Church at Kalang. I am sharing story with around 30 young peoples and we worship and pray together. That is wonderful time that God gave for me. After all the story I am coming back to my beautiful country Indonesia.

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