A cup of Coffee

To day, I sit and having coffee at a beautiful cafe in my home town. Order a cup of ekspresso and a piece of local backery. I choose to sit in the corner of the room and enjoy there.

I am feel desperate, because have a lot of facing problem in my life and ministry. So lonely even I have much time spent with God in my worship and prayer time.

But I’m a human, sometimes feeling like this is normal and you just need to rest and do something that you like its become medicine for you. And I’m really enjoy My coffee and heard music. But when I drunk my coffee, God speak to me

“you love coffee and every day you drink, even you know the taste of coffee that you drunk is bitter. Why you always complain if have problem? “.

At the moment I close my eyes and says to God “sorry for my obstinate, I think I can handle everything in my life”. Sweet moment that remain me about God grace, only Him the One can help me.

Problems sometimes become weapon to kill our faith. But if we know and trust God with us, we can survived to be a winner. Problems is something sweet for our faith, to help us to have true faith in God. Like a wise words “problem can make you become bitter, or become better. It is depend what you choose”.

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