My Pausing Time (1)

After I finished my study and my four years as a social worker for urban poeple in west of Jakarta. I took time to home assignment, back to my house where my parents stay. The place that I have left for ten years.

It’s unspeakable moment, because I must took all of my stuff I have for ten years in Jakarta (you can imagine how lots of them). You know… I have 15 big box that already send by delivered service to Kupang but another stack still left which means it will make over baggage. And yeah.. That’s happened! I must pay for that.

At the time when the plane left Soekarno Hatta Airport at 2.30 A.m. My heart full with joy, tears and others feeling that can’t to explained with words.

Ten years was created lots of story in Jakarta. I got many friends, new family and so many experienced about life. And now, I came back to my hometown as I am but with more different perspective about life, with more knowledge and with different style in many areas life. With all of this, istilah I want to realizing my dream to help more poeple in my hometown as I can.

In our first breakfast time, My Dad said “after long time we’re separate because of life, today we’re happy because you come back here for together with us. Welcome back our beloved dougter, we’re really proud of for what have you done in Jakarta”.

Tears and joy mixed at moment, My Mom’s also cried while said: “I am really, really happy to have you here again”. I don’t have any idea for everything that will be I face, but this is really a sweet moment for my begining time of pausing in Kupang.

2 thoughts on “My Pausing Time (1)”

  1. Yanti H Hutasoit

    Iyapp kak Nona, i was missing you at Jakarta, but i take my trust to all ur dream, i know that God want to lead you to do some amazing things there.
    I pray, you will be light and salt there, so keep in your fighting.

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