Pausing Time (2)

you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. I have appointed you to go and produce fruit will last,… “

This is what the bible says to everyone who are chosen. God have desire to us to produce fruit in our life time. No matter what profession you might do. No matter what economic status may you step in. No matter what skills do you having. No matter what background study you had got, etc. The point is “you must be PRODUCING FRUITS in yiur life”.

Before I am back to Kupang, God gave vission in my prayers time. I’m heard clearly that I will become a teachers trainer to help inland teachers. At the moment, I doesn’t understand what I will be. Because I don’t have any plan for that.

But God is AMAZING! He guided me to realized.

After 1 month in Kupang, one of my old friend in Jakarta introduced me by phone to person who is a teachers trainer and work for a social fondation that have program to training teachers from rural areas in Indonesia.

And you know? What can I said for this?…. GOD WORKS! I never know if the way will be simple like this is but yeah happened.

I has opportunity to shared my knowledge and skill to developing others for better in teaching.

We have wonderful travel for training in many areas. Have opportunities to trained more than one thausands teachers in around of Indoensia.

So, still can I says this is PAUSING TIME? No way!! It’s trully opposite.

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