Titik Nol


Three months ago I leave my home came to a place that call ‘kampung Inggris’ (literaly in eng= english vilage) which is located in Kediri- east of Java near from Malang. My purpose of coming in this place is for english study, I decided to spent 3 months to get improve in this skills (even though I undestand it is not enough) .

The place that I took course is name “titik nol course”, (eglish= zero point) when I saw this name I had smile at my face because I suppose the name is meaning full-as I am with english in zero point.

BUT not only about english that I started from zero point but all of…

In this place I have experienced with many things such as how to make friends with all kind of poeple that came from varieties place in Indonesia-from Sabang until Merauke. I have to study about share room with others to have cost of living ceaper, I have to learn how to choose inexpensive place for get meal every day, I have to trying understand poeple soround of me so there is no misunderstanding (especially with my roommate).

The time is run fast in first period until I faced the big problem in this learning process that I felt time is stop, the cause is “Grammar” I have no idea with this one because I realized that this is something that I hate but really important for me.

The question is “what will I do?” should I faced or run away?


Life sometimes bring us to stand in the zero point, a place where nobody likes it. But this important to face, because have many lesson that can teach us about value of life.

Titik Nol no one can avoid it in life, all of us should step in before reach anything. Titik nol is place in life that can teaching us about how to learn from nothing to be something. It is the best place for human to open heart to feel, open ears to hear and open the eyes to see what is happening around of us.

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