Grammar, Should I Love You?

Every poeple have diffrent struggle in their life, but we trust that every tussle always brings good to our life. Depend on how poeple face it!


One of reference book that I used to study grammar

I am grateful to God for gave me the opportunity to study english, and I found my problem must be fixed is GRAMMAR. Oh God! It is not easy for me.

I think too much how to make it as easy as possible, but don’t have shortcut way for it. I have to spent time to study about grammar for one month (this must be), in my deep heart I hate this way, I don’t want to undergo it but the fact push me to must love this!

I understand that if I facing and study hard it will be giving improve in my english ability. Even though it is quite difficult for me, but I’m trying to give my self for study (even the result not really perfect yet) but I’m proud with my self that work hard in this part and litle by litle I can see my english skills have improvement.

Many things in life that will give goodness, must begin by loving them first. Meybe we can see what we hate to do today is something that must we love because will give kindness for our life.

Should I love grammar? Yes, must be! Eventhough the fruits is not realy enough ready to serve in the table, but I still in process to love this day by day and give my time and brain to trying again and again.

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