Saying that “waiting is boring” I have been muse this for the last few days. Where after applying for a job in one of NGO (non government organisation) that I think the position match with my passion. I started to anxious and worried because I do not know when I will receive the information about do I received or not. This is become more complicated because my rent room just leave count days. I have to make a decision to buy ticket (should I buy the ticket with destination to Kupang-my home or to Jakarta).

It felt like quite difficult, that is why I can  not count how many times I pray for a day to reduce my anxious and worry. That is the best way for me in this situation.

My ears become more sensitive with the sounds of ringing notification calling, SMS, whatsapp and email.

I can not stay far away from my HP because I do not want to missing the calling or everything from the office (I want to be always ready).

Whoever in this world must have had experience in waiting time, whether waiting for someone or waiting for something. And everybody have different ways to face it, even some of us become disappointed because  not receive the answer as they hope. But in the time of waiting I mull again my status in my Whatsapp that I wrote in few days ago “God never speeds up or slows down a process, He is only designing and making it in the right time so that our faith is formed”. I realized, waiting is bad but by waiting we always learn to trust God, He can handle everything.

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