Jogja, a Short Escape

This journey is planned after one of my friend said that we need make time to holiday just break away from stressful learning activities. That’s why we think to take short vacation trip.

Jogja became destination place that we chose because near from Kediri so don’t need much money for this trip. Three of us decided to use travel when departing and returning by train.

This trip was very fun because we chose to do a semi backpacker vacation for two days. In first day we started by visiting Jogja Palace and several other places and we close the day with spend time at Malioboro.

The madness that we did on the first day was to pretend to be foreign tourists. One of my friend pretend from Thailand and I from Malaysia and the other friend became our tour-guide. So that throughout the trip we are using English as our language (actually we only practise what we are learning), and all people that we meet they believe that we’re tourists from oversea. And all that we did was making us laugh out loud.

In the second day we decided to go to pine forests which location is quite far from our lodging and this trip seemed make us exposed to karma for the sins we committed on the first day because we had to get lost several times even though we are already used Google map. But still fun because we’re using motorbike that we rent, so the lost time it just like chance to explore Jogja.

Along the way a friend who hitched me continued to sing paint my love from Michael Learn to Rock. I don’t know what’s on his mind at the time, but I really enjoyed hearing the song. When in Pine Forests we have wonderful time to singing together because we brought the guitar so it is just like singing with nature and throw away our stress from mind.

Short escape to Jogja is really great time to us and make us to ready again to face the English learning process to get our target of leaning.

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