Happy Birthday To You Kak “J”

Today is her birthday, a woman who spent almost a decade in my beloved country Indonesia for the social project in the west of Jakarta-Indonesia. I want to write little things about her for a virtual present from Kupang.

Before that, I just want to say “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..” this is an Indonesia song for you.

Thanks for your patience that you show, to always give a contribution to the community that you serve, thank you for the perseverance that you “live in” to learn more about our culture and willing to think about how to bring a contribution for a changing.

My prayer is, may God always lead you to continue pursuing your calling and bring the blessing that was your received to share with others around you.

I just want you to know that I feel blessed to meet with you. Thanks for being apart with my journey of life since 2013, you help me to grow in all of my potential that God put on me.

What you gave for me is something that valuable and meaning full as an investment in my life.

Thanks for that.

Keep as a “J” who humble and patience

Keep as a “J” that always showing care and love

Keep as a “J” whose a poet

I hope God gives you what you hope from for your future.

I think, every woman must hold her head up and walk in her route, but not many women around the world can’t do that because of many reasons. But I do believe, every woman always has the opportunity to be a person who inspires others to keep walk in their way, to be a person.

For me, you took the obligation and I know you will continue it and I will take mine also because you’ve helped me and I will make the circles around me more than you.

Let’s do it together!

Sending love and prayer for you from here

Happy Birthday kak “J”.

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