Woman, Let Us Make Our Circle

I write down it in a small village in Kupang when entire of my house was falling in their bed, they were in their deep sleep. It is midnight here.

But I can’t wait to share with all of you, all of the women in out there. About what that resonance in my mind.

Wherever you are, I just want to encourage you to set up your mindset to started to create a circle of change

Let’s start it by what you have, what the small thing that has in your self that can you share with other people to make a circle, to make our surround feel about hope, to make them believe that future still waiting for us albeit still darkness cover.

We are a woman who has the power to make a change, we have the capacity to draw a circle to give meaning to others.

Set up your mindset and believe in your self that you are the person who can make a change.

Establish it if you were started it, keep going to make around of us feel the atmosphere of change.

I know it is not easy to do, it is not simple to keep it. But we must strive to do this because the world needs that from us.

I live in a small village that really hard to describe that have hope for my future, it’s not easy that I will make something to create the circle, but I keep in my mindset that the future will create by me with what I have.

I started it and will be continuing. I still work for that and can’t wait to see what those people said impossible become possible.  

I want all of women believe that we have a power to make that even we in the midst of limitation. We can still able to make a story. A story of change!

I hope you willing to do yours as I still keep doing mine.

If you stumble while doing it just make a dance.

If you feel want to stop it, just find another woman to encourage you again.

Let’s create the circle!, let’s change the situation!, let’s start from our self!. Let’s do it together!.

Sending love from me to all of you women out there!

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